Research- I will research John Blakemore and his work in landscape photography. I will research links to his images and work. I will also research the history of landscape photography and it’s origins which links with classical landscape artists that I find extremely interesting. I will find out when landscape photography came about and the main photographers involved

ShootsI will be shooting my response to a couple of John Blakemore’s landscape images at pine forest in Oswaldtwistle where there is a lot of beautiful scenery. I feel like it’s the perfect place to base my assignment around as there is a lot of places that resemble a lot of John’s work. I will be visiting this place a lot, initially just to start off my project and figure out exactly how I want to respond to his work with my own images.

I want to keep this assignment simple which doesn’t necessarily mean easy, my research and evaluation will have the words calm and tranquil in them a few times because that’s the ultimate image i’m trying to portray in people’s minds when they look at my photographs. I want people to start properly appreciating beautiful landscapes that are closer to them than they think, in most cases you really don’t have to travel far to see stunning scenery and I want to prove that with my own images.




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