Final evaluation

This assignment has proven quite difficult for me as I have had many problems that I’ve needed to over come in order to finish it, considering the circumstances I tried my best to take good images that represent landscape photography, John Blakemore and black and white photography well. I researched relevant topics on the subject and I stayed linked to everything as best as I could and explained everything I’ve done to try and show my understanding of the subject as best as I possibly could. There is a lot of things I would like to have done and changed for example I would have liked to shoot on film and developed some of my own images to hand in but it’s something I will definitely do next time. I think I need to work on sticking to my original plans and not going completely off track because I always run into more problems towards the end, I will improve my organisation skills to make sure my next assignment is as good as it possibly can be in order to achieve the best grade.

However I did like the concept of this assignment as landscape photography is a very big interest of mine especially because this particular topic happened to be black and white landscape photography, It puts a whole new prospective on landscape photography and I’m happy that I got to really try and explore that and broaden my knowledge with this task.


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