Final evaluation

This assignment has proven quite difficult for me as I have had many problems that I’ve needed to over come in order to finish it, considering the circumstances I tried my best to take good images that represent landscape photography, John Blakemore and black and white photography well. I researched relevant topics on the subject and I stayed linked to everything as best as I could and explained everything I’ve done to try and show my understanding of the subject as best as I possibly could. There is a lot of things I would like to have done and changed for example I would have liked to shoot on film and developed some of my own images to hand in but it’s something I will definitely do next time. I think I need to work on sticking to my original plans and not going completely off track because I always run into more problems towards the end, I will improve my organisation skills to make sure my next assignment is as good as it possibly can be in order to achieve the best grade.

However I did like the concept of this assignment as landscape photography is a very big interest of mine especially because this particular topic happened to be black and white landscape photography, It puts a whole new prospective on landscape photography and I’m happy that I got to really try and explore that and broaden my knowledge with this task.


Shoot 2 and evaluation

These are  of my best images, I really tried to capture the beauty of the landscape that is right outside my doorstep. I enjoyed taking these shots particularly as I went out in the evening when the sun was starting to set and it really showed just how stunning the landscape really is.

This shoot didn’t go exactly as I’d planned as I had to change my location a lot due to lots of people being around when I wanted it as quiet as possible so I could really focus on producing the best possible images.


Shoot 1 and evaluation

This was my first planned shoot, I took a walk around a well know trail quite close to my house. It has a lot of beautiful scenic spots and I tried to capture a few of them as best as I could. I did come across a few problems when my camera had some sort of freeze and I couldnt get it back working so for the time being a tried my best to capture some of the landscape on my iPhone 6S camera.

I like how some of these photos have turned out especially the one of the foot path with the trees lining each side, to me it seems calming it looks like a tranquil place and I really like that.


Research- I will research John Blakemore and his work in landscape photography. I will research links to his images and work. I will also research the history of landscape photography and it’s origins which links with classical landscape artists that I find extremely interesting. I will find out when landscape photography came about and the main photographers involved

ShootsI will be shooting my response to a couple of John Blakemore’s landscape images at pine forest in Oswaldtwistle where there is a lot of beautiful scenery. I feel like it’s the perfect place to base my assignment around as there is a lot of places that resemble a lot of John’s work. I will be visiting this place a lot, initially just to start off my project and figure out exactly how I want to respond to his work with my own images.

I want to keep this assignment simple which doesn’t necessarily mean easy, my research and evaluation will have the words calm and tranquil in them a few times because that’s the ultimate image i’m trying to portray in people’s minds when they look at my photographs. I want people to start properly appreciating beautiful landscapes that are closer to them than they think, in most cases you really don’t have to travel far to see stunning scenery and I want to prove that with my own images.