Final images

These are my final processed images, I chose a range of photographs from my second and third shoot as I feel that I captured the landscape as best as I could and some of the images would be best being processed in black and white.


Shoot 2 and evaluation

These are  of my best images, I really tried to capture the beauty of the landscape that is right outside my doorstep. I enjoyed taking these shots particularly as I went out in the evening when the sun was starting to set and it really showed just how stunning the landscape really is.

This shoot didn’t go exactly as I’d planned as I had to change my location a lot due to lots of people being around when I wanted it as quiet as possible so I could really focus on producing the best possible images.


Shoot 1 and evaluation

This was my first planned shoot, I took a walk around a well know trail quite close to my house. It has a lot of beautiful scenic spots and I tried to capture a few of them as best as I could. I did come across a few problems when my camera had some sort of freeze and I couldnt get it back working so for the time being a tried my best to capture some of the landscape on my iPhone 6S camera.

I like how some of these photos have turned out especially the one of the foot path with the trees lining each side, to me it seems calming it looks like a tranquil place and I really like that.